Eibach - Load-Leveling System

Load-Leveling System

Height-adjustable rear springs perches paired with selectable spring rates allow for compensation of additional weight.

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Height and Control

The Eibach Load-Leveling kit is designed to eliminate the need for air bags, spring spacers, or excessive spring rate to maintain ride height while carrying heavy loads.

Each load range had been tested to deliver up to 2” of rear lift while still working within range of the Eibach Pro-Truck-Shocks.

This system allows you to run the appropriate spring rate for your vehicle while maintaining a lift whether the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. This translates to improved ride quality and compliance, on and off-road while maintaining necessary tire and ground clearances. In addition, readily available Eibach Race Springs (ERO) make this system adaptable as you continue to add modifications or weight to the vehicle.

Load Leveling System breakdown

Compensate for Additional Weight.

The Eibach Load-Leveling kit is optimal for vehicles which are frequently loaded and unloaded for towing, camping trips, or overland expeditions. Armor, roof-top tents, storage shelving, full size spares and tire carriers increase weight ultimately effecting static ride height of your vehicle. The addition of the height adjustable perch allows fine tuning of rear ride heights, keeping your chassis clear from the trail, and tires clear from fenders.

Three Available Spring Rate Options.

  • Rooftop tent
  • Roof rack

  • Spare Tire
  • Spare Carrier
  • Rock Sliders

  • Metal Bumper
  • Rear Swingout
  • Camping Boxes
Application Lookup

The Eibach LOAD-LEVELING SYSTEM is currently available for the Toyota 4Runner and Lexus GX470. Contact us for additional information.

Take Your Truck Even Further.

Pair this system with our front PRO-TRUCK Coilover 2.0’s to achieve full control over your ride height and suspension load. Alternativelty, for vehicles where the LOAD-LEVELING-SYSTEM is not applicable, see our HD rear spring option

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